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Creating Space for Professional Relationships - to Infinity & Beyond

Terry Farber Eliasaf | July 12, 2022

Space tech is on the rise, with dual usage verticals such as Space Networks, Quantum, Longevity, Transportation, Energy and others, opening the doors to new professional relationships. Read this week’s blog post to learn how companies and job-seekers can make connections that promote “out of this world” growth, with Hunter’s help.

The Aerospace industry may be skyrocketing, but it’s much more down-to-earth than you might think. Gone are the days of space tech solely focusing on propelling man (and woman) into outer space, calculating gravitational pull, and working towards getting a man on Mars. As such, people looking to work in Aerospace don’t have to undergo NASA-style training or fit into a single vertical. Just like there’s a ton we may not know about in the vast expanse of space, so too are there tons of career paths and opportunities under the large umbrella (or “satellite”) that is space tech.

Indeed, the space tech industry in Israel is growing, and now includes dual usage verticals such as Space Networks, Quantum, Longevity, Transportation, Energy, and others, which integrate space tech into their already impressive operations. Additionally, the Israeli government recently signed an agreement to invest 600 million shekels into space tech R&D. Over the next five years, this agreement will enable the Israel Space Agency and Innovation Authority to double the number of companies and employees operating within the Aerospace industry, thereby enabling further investment, production, and strategic operation relationships to be formed and nurtured, for the betterment of mankind.

That said, entering and working within this ever-evolving and highly-competitive industry can be daunting at best, and challenging at worst. Without the right knowledge of what verticals exist within the larger Aerospace industry and connections to get your foot in the door, companies and job-seekers alike can find themselves struggling to fill positions and grow, on a professional level.

At Hunter, we leverage our knowledge, experience, and expertise in many industries and forging relationships to make the best possible matches between companies, candidates, and investors. This, of course, extends to space tech businesses as well. Headed up by Einat Berkovitch, our Aerospace Division focuses on identifying potential for successful matches, and guiding all parties involved in their process toward building growth-oriented relationships that can withstand the pressures of innovating dual usage solutions that can take next-generation companies to space - and beyond!

Einat’s unique perspective as Co-founder and Managing Director of TYPE5 Aerospace Investment Fund, a fund that invests in dual usage solutions for the Aerospace industry, positions Hunter as a thought and industry leader in this revolutionary space. We are always happy to connect with businesses and individuals already working in or seeking to enter the Aerospace industry, and help bring together the great minds of today that will push the technologies and solutions of tomorrow, light-years forward.

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