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Let the ‘Triangle of Trust’ be your guide

Terry Farber Eliasaf | June 13, 2022

Thinking outside the box is a critical aspect of our daily activity. Part of our unwritten job requirements is identifying potential connections between people, and transforming them into successful relationships that empower both sides of the equation.

Using the ‘Triangle of Trust’ to Find Your Headhunting ‘True North’

It’s not uncommon to find potential employees that are seeking to find meaning and added value in their new workplace. In fact, salary is not the only criterion to lure talents; Understanding what makes them happy and satisfied is a crucial element.

When one of our leading headhunters interviewed a particular candidate for one of our clients, she immediately understood that she was sitting down, face-to-face (more like screen-to-screen), with the owner and CEO of a small company, which the candidate had built with his own two hands.

“As we spoke”, she told us, “it became evident that he was interested in one thing only: His company’s acquisition, to be completed together with all employees, thereby ensuring their continued work.”

She envisioned the potential of this (unconventional) business model and reached out to the client to suggest an out-of-the-box recruitment concept, and helped him empower this partnership.

This is what she told us: “Following an initial conversation between the client and candidate, I initiated a meeting and traveled with one of my colleagues to the candidates’ company headquarters. We spent over an hour on-site, getting to know him in greater detail, including how he feels and reacts in given situations”.

Our headhunter and her colleagues continue to support this unique partnership, offering a business perspective and a trusted consultant for both the recruiting company and the ‘candidate’, ensuring an engaging process, and making this vision into a reality that benefits both sides.

A matching game that requires a strategic compass

This is a less common perception maybe, but as we see it, the candidates are very much the executive search company’s clients. As such, it is essential to understand their needs, motivations, and vision. This way, we can help both the client (the hiring company) and the candidate to secure the best outcomes. In this case, it was crucial to make sure this alliance is designed according to both sides' true motivations. We had to be sure that the candidate was ready for this significant leap, handing over his ‘baby’.

Our headhunter’s rich experience helped guarantee the match between the client and the candidate while supporting them throughout their talks and changes in perception. The process simultaneously brings to life two main aspects of headhunting: the pain point and the solution.

Each client is pained with the responsibility of choosing the right candidate who will drive growth within the company. Having a sort of compass that can point companies to their own “True North” is critical in empowering them to make the right hiring decisions, and ensuring those are signed, sealed, and delivered.

Let the ‘Triangle of Trust’ be your guide

Our headhunter’s story, unique as it may demonstrate determination, professional guidance, and responsible transparency, through which, both clients and candidates can be supported in finding their unique ‘True North’. This is where professional headhunting or executive search comes into play.

Of course, building trust in a relationship doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort from all parties involved. In Hunter, trust is the result of a long-term series of actions, behaviors, and communication between all of our team leaders.

We build trust with our clients, recruiters, and candidates alike, by developing deep and meaningful relationships that foster growth.

Every relationship relies on 6 simultaneous elements::

  • Understand what your client/other target audience wants and needs
  • Have consistent and transparent communication
  • Practice active listening, ensuring you understand what they are not telling you
  • Personalize the professional experience
  • Provide support and feedback
  • Express empathy and appreciation

Successful executive search is the product of a “Triangle of Trust”, in which the headhunting company, the client, and the candidates reach a critical corner. Executive search professionals should serve as your trusted advisors, acting as an intuitive and unwavering partnership for both sides, providing the clarity and support each party needs to make the right decision, for the long term.

As you know, it all starts from within. As we consider nurturing growth-focused relationships as our core business, it is our responsibility to pinpoint and attract a solid core of strong team leaders, who have walked their talk.

Our team is made up of people who have led and ensured the staffing of key positions. Each of our team leaders knows what it means to make hard choices: they themselves sat on that chair and walked in those shoes. Drawing on their rich experience, they have the knowledge, expertise, and intuition to consult their clients and choose to do so without sacrificing their continued development.


Need help finding your ‘True North?’ Hunter’s proven track record of supporting clients throughout their journey toward successful long-term partnerships speaks for itself.

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