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Kestria, the world's largest executive search alliance

We are Kestria, the world's largest executive search alliance.

Ron  Magen

Ron Magen

Managing Partner

At Hunter (Kestria Israel), we believe that excellence is a way of life, based on continual self-improvement. Over the past decade, we have accompanied our clients in identifying talent, based on the understanding that the foundation of excellence lies in the quality of their employees and their compatibility with the organization.
Our success rate is 10 times higher than that of the conventional model. In other words, with us you pay for a service but we provide you with unparalleled success.

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Transitioning from Traditional to Innovative: How to Successfully Navigate Organizational Change

Terry Farber Eliasaf

Innovative technologies and practices are infiltrating every industry and sector, whether your organization is ready or not. If you’re struggling to navigate change, this one’s for you! Read all about how to successfully navigate the transition from traditional to innovative, with Hunter’s executive search capital fundraising, and consulting services, and some must-learn tips.

The Battle of Man vs. Machine for Dominion Over the 2030 Working World

Terry Farber Eliasaf

What will the working world look like in 2030? Will jobs be manned by wo/men, or machines? This week, we’re surveying the battle of tech vs. talent and posing an alternative reality, in which two heads (one human, one hardware), are better than one.

Overcoming the New Global Pandemic: Post-Covid Airport Understaffing

Terry Farber Eliasaf

Miss the days when flying internationally was a grand affair? So do we! This week, we’re taking a look at the ongoing aviation industry crisis, and shedding some light on how flight experiences can be returned to their former glory, with the help of innovation, leadership, and Hunter’s helping hand, in recruiting those executives who can help the industry take flight once again.

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IRC is now Kestria

“Throughout the different regions where we have activities, IRC Global Executive Search Partners has been able to support us in finding strong candidates for the open positions we have had within our fast growing organisation. With a very professional and consistent approach, they have proven to be a true and reliable partner in business. What started as a good relationship with IRC Netherlands has now grown with us throughout continental Europe. I have recommended them and will continue to do so for their excellent work in one of HR's key areas of expertise.”

Erik van Stuivenberg, HR Director Kingspan Insulation Continental Europe
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