Career Coaching

It’s time to maximize your personal and professional potential!

This means being in charge of your career’s direction and Hunter (IRC Israel) is here to guide you!

It’s not easy to determine which strengths to build your career around. Finding the right career, making changes in your life and being happy are difficult to obtain without the right orientation and support. That’s where we come into the picture.

Your career counselor provides a supportive working relationship to help you understand and embrace your abilities, interests and potential. We use career assessments and coaching combined with proven strategies, to develop your work-related strengths and overcome any limitations. The result is more poise and confidence and a clear path for reaching your professional goals.

We often use the phrase “own your career.” This doesn’t mean you have all the answers. It simply means you want to take an active role in shaping the direction of your career. Top executives at every major company work with development specialists and mentors throughout their career. They take an active role rather than just letting things happen.

Our specialty is career development and career success. Don’t let chance shape your career. Own it!

Let us help you do the following:

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