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Einat Berkovitch

A Global Expert on Executives and Leaders

A seasoned executive and entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience in business development, leading complex projects, negotiation processes, and raising capital.
As a former CEO of the Morris Kahn Foundation, she recognized an opportunity, which became the "SpaceIL" lunar mission, and was instrumental in making the connections and integration that made the $100 million project possible.
Einat also serves as a Co-Founder & Managing Director at TYPE5, a Space Tech Investment Group.
Einat's expertise is characterized by her ability to identify the precise skillset and personality traits needed by a particular company at precisely the right time to achieve its growth strategy, and facilitate companies' needs, connections to employment, funding, and industry resources through her extensive and highly personal global and local business network.
Einat holds a Master's degree in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University and is a certified lawyer.