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Board succession planning for the roles of Chairman, CEO and CFO has long been seen as important for the future stability of the organization. However, a focus on longer-term strategic executive succession planning is increasingly vital for the sustainability and longevity of the organization.

Boards increasingly recognize that taking a long-term view to succession planning is crucial to ensure that the ‘talent pipeline’ provides a diverse, dynamic and creative ‘seed corn’ for the organization’s future.

This insight into the ‘talent pipeline’ - the future life-blood of the company - is central to organizational continuity and the ability of the board to shape and influence this for the future.

These Board and Executive Succession planning services are covering the following areas:

Executive Assessment

When critical leadership decisions need to be made, such as choosing between candidates in a merger or acquisition, building the right team after a CEO transition or new strategy implementation, selecting the top CEO successor candidates and identifying their development needs — having accurate insight into executive talent allows organizations to make these decisions more confidently — and avoid costly mistakes.

Our assessment experts work with clients to accurately assess senior executive teams at these critical moments, providing the insights needed to ensure the right executives are in the right roles today and offering the recommended developments to make sure future leaders are prepared for the challenges ahead.

Our multi-method approach to assessing senior-level executives is the most comprehensive and predictive of leadership success. As a result, we are able to deliver actionable information about executive strengths, limitations and risks.

Too often, companies make critical hiring, promotion and development decisions based on inadequate, incomplete and undependable information. Our assessment approach provides accurate and objective information about key players’ strengths and weaknesses that enables organizations to make informed and well thought leadership decisions.

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